On my recent trip to Scotland I spoke to many players and caddies about golf betting games.  I learned that unlike Americans, the Scots mostly play traditional games like Best Ball, or Stableford.  Not much beyond that.  Looks like Great Games For Golfers may need to help bring a little spice to their side bets!

I did learn from Eddie, a very fine caddy from Nairn, a game he likes to play with his buds called Oozies.

It is mostly an enhancement game where you bet only on Closest to the Pin (KP) on the Par 3 holes for a set bet amount for each one. It’s a simple game that doesnt require a lot of calculation or deliberation, just adds a little fun to the round

While Eddies group doesn’t carry over, or require a par for validation, those options are there.

Eddie was a fine fellow and a wonderful caddy.  And Nairn (in northern Scotland) should be on every visitors list.  An excellent golf experience!

Here’s an alternative submitted by Dave Edison, one of our blog contributors:

So my thought was to add to the Oozies game where you get a point for closest to he pin on par 3’s To bring all holes into the game simply give a point for closest to the pin in regulation on Par 4’s and 5’s. You have to be on the green in regulation to qualify. You could play this individually or with team of 2. Nassau or assign a $ amount for each point.