Found this one at Golf Digest.


This is a 2 VS 2 game. So first use a method to randomly select partners.  (Like throw a tee and see where it points, or throw balls in the air and pick the two closest, or pair the high and low handicaps)

Pick the betting amounts, either so many dollars a point, or a Nassau where you can win with having the most points in each nine holes and total.  For example: $10 front/$10 back /$10 total.

Scoring:  6 potential points are available to each team on every hole:

  • 2 for low score
  • 2 for low total of both players
  • 1 for closest to the pin in regulation
  • 1 for a birdie

Here’s where the “Umbrella” part comes in.  If one side gets all 6 points, that’s  an Umbrella.

The win total doubles to 12 points, like an umbrella opening covering all the available points.


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