There are a number of published variations of this game.  Some call it 1-2-3 Best Ball.

Progressive Best Ball is a team event played with multiple groups.  The scoring shifts from hole to hole by changing the number of team members whose score counts.

Each team player plays his or her own ball with handicap scoring.  Teams may be made up of 2-4 players, most typically 4.

On the first hole the player with the best net score is used as the team score.

On the second hole the two lowest net scores become the team score.

On the third hole the three lowest net scores are the team score.

On the fourth hole, scoring shifts back to only the one players score and the rotation begins again until all eighteen holes are complete and the team scores totaled.


  • Chose specific holes where multiple balls count – for example, three players scores count on Par 3s, two players on Par 4s and one player on Par 5s.
  • Use the hole handicaps for player scoring adjustments – for example on the 6 hardest holes use one player’s net score, on the next 6 hardest holes use two player net scores, and on the easiest 6 holes use three player scores.
  • Obviously, if you are playing two person teams you need to make adjustments to when/how scores count.
  • If players have handicaps that don’t vary by more than four you can play gross scores.


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