Train Wreck is a fun foursomes net game played with multiple groups.  At least 8 Players are needed for this game.
Form your teams and decide on a player contribution for the pot.  One foursome will win the pot.
Each foursome can earn points as follows:
1 Point for Net Par / 2 Points for Net Birdie / 3 Points for Net Eagle.
The goal is for the foursome to make at least two Net Pars on each hole.  If the team has a minimum of two Net Pars all the teams points accumulate.
For example; 4 Net Pars on the team gives them 4 points.  Those points are then added to existing earned points for a running total.
If the team fails to get at least two NET pars, it’s a Train Wreck and all of the teams accumulated points are erased.
A Train Wreck puts the team score back to -0- and they have to start attempting to earn points on their next hole.
Players of this game report that many times it comes down to the last hole or two.
Jim G who shared this game says; “Last time every team had at least 1 Train wreck. Our team had accumulated 49 points going into # 12 and had a Train Wreck , losing it all. We had 2 more Train Wrecks on the final 6 holes but still ended up winning with only 5 points , all earned on # 18!”
Submitted by Jim G., Palm Desert, CA
GG4Golf thoughts on Options:
  • Play it Gross
  • Redefine the minimum requirements to avoid a Train Wreck.  You can make it easier or harder to avoid the Train Wreck based on your groups skill level.
  • Divide the Pot and play two 9 hole tournaments.