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Nairn Golf Club – northern Scotland

On my first day of a nine day golfing trip leading up to seeing the 150th Open I had the pleasure of playing Nairn Golf Club.  A truly beautiful setting and a wonderful track for our first round.


The Nairn Golf Club has attracted golfers and golfing interest ever since it was founded in 1887. Within the clubhouse our impressive Archive room holds an extended library of books, reports, competition records, photographs, trophies, pictures, collections clubs and artefacts have been assembled, catalogued and are both referenced and displayed.
Extensive collections have been assembled by prominent local members KM Cameron, RJR Gordon and RD Gordon linking the Club to a wider history of the game.

Major Events

The Championship Board, on the clubhouse stairwell, lists many prestigious events held at Nairn. Amongst the many events with notable individual winners include John Panton, Jessie Valentine, Eric Brown, Ronnie Shade, Charlie Green, Maureen Madill and Colin Montgomerie. The Club has hosted 1994 and 2021 Amateur Championship and the Walker Cup in 1999, the Curtis Cup 2021 with the stars of the Professional game such as Luke Donald, Paul Casey, Matt Kuchar, Charley Hull and Bronte Law playing in these matches.  Read more…….


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