I was recently introduced to this side game from Dave, a friend and subscriber who sent me an Instagram post from @golfballed.

Three Putts are the bane of golf and this game puts a spotlight on it.  Here’s how you can play:

Bring a freshly shuffled deck of cards and a poker chip to the 1st tee.  Everyone in the group contributes $5 to the pot.

During play, anyone who completes a hole with a one putt receives a playing card.  (best to fan the cards and let them pick)  A two putt receives nothing and a three putt – well, you don’t want to be that player.  Anyone with a three putt has to contribute another $1 to the pot.  And the three putt player receives the poker chip. Keep exchanging the chip through the round.  If more than 1 player 3 putts on a hole, the last player in the hole gets the chip.

At the conclusion of the round the player with the poker chip adds another $5 to the pot.

Then everyone lays out their cards and the player with the best poker hand wins the pot.


  • Obviously you can choose a different buy-in and three putt contributions.
  • Change up what it takes to win a card (make sure it relates to putting)
    e.g. if you want to get a lot of cards in play, award a card for putts made over 10 feet, or  (you pick)….
  • Add an additional card for a one putt Birdie and two cards for a one putt Eagle.
  • Make a player give back a card instead of paying another $1 for a three putt. (or both!)
  • Play teams instead of individuals.

CLICK HERE  to see a video from @golfballed explaining the game.