Contributor:  T. Gerot

Name of your game:  Twelve Point
Number of golfers needed to play your game?  (4)
Detailed game description including how to keep score:
Within your foursome there is two teams of two golfers competing against one another and is played with a Nassau format. (Front/Back/Total)

My group usually bets $5-$5-$5 or $10-$10-$10 – but you can use whatever denomination you desire.

For each hole there two points for a team with net low and two points for a team with net high along with an additional one point available for closest to the pin and one point for gross birdie.

If you get all six points on any hole it is then doubled to 12 points for the team.

We typically allow presses if you are down by 2 or more points.

Why you like this game?:
It’s nice to have a game to keep focus and this game is a little more dynamic and has different options to win points with the goal of getting a Twelve Point.

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