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A new game submitted by an Artificial Intelligence tool!

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The Green Back Game

Content created by the Artificial AI website chat.openai.com

I have been reading about the content creation Artificial Intelligence tool that is in all the headlines.  I decided to try asking it to create a golf betting game.  It was amazing.  I asked the site to: “write about a golf betting game for four players.”.  It returned a result describing a scramble.  I then asked to modify the story to be “not a scramble.”  I got an edited version back that was somewhat like skins with a twist.  I liked it.

Then I asked the site to “give it a name” and it came back with “The Green Back Game.”  What a hoot.  Here’s the AI created game description:

“The Green Back Game” is a popular golf betting game played among friends. The rules are as follows:

Each player puts in a predetermined amount into the pot.

The game is played with full handicaps and each player bets on themselves to win.

On each hole, the player with the lowest score wins the pot for that hole. In case of a tie, the pot carries over to the next hole.

If a player wins a hole, they must put in an additional amount into the pot. The amount can be decided before the game starts.

At the end of the round, the player with the lowest overall score wins the entire pot.

In case of a tie, the pot is split among the tied players.

This game adds a fun and competitive aspect to a round of golf and allows players to win money while enjoying the game. It’s important to establish the rules and betting amounts before starting the game to avoid any confusion or disputes during play.

I was absolutely amazed by how easy and fast this tool came back with a game.  I plan on trying it some more to see what creative ideas result!

Then, just for fun, I tried another Open AI site called Dalle-E2  to create art to add to the story.  In this image creation site I entered the following request: “A picture of 4 golfers playing a golf betting game called The Green Back Game.”  The results weren’t as impressive as you can see, but it was still pretty amazing.

The advance of AI as a tool for content is in it’s infancy and will be really fun to follow.  Stay tuned.