This is a great game for multiple groups shared with GG4Golf from the boys at Shadow Wood Golf Club – Estero, FL

To play 5+5 chose your foursome groupings and a dollar contribution to the game.

It works best if each group has a foursome, but the game can be adapted if needed.

The game is typically played with net handicaps but could be gross scores as well.

At the conclusion of each 9 holes, the team players pick holes with their own best 5 balls and adds them up noting +/- par. (e.g. a birdie would be -1 and a bogey would be +1)

The max score on any hole is net double bogey (+2).

Once you have completed 18 holes, the team adds 10 scores for each player (5 front nine and 5 back nine) and then divide that total by the number of players on the team.    This is the final Team score.

The payout can be just for the winning team, or 1st / 2nd place… if you have a larger group of players.

What I like about this game is that you can focus on your best holes played and ignore the ugly ones!

Give it a try, you’ll surely enjoy this game.

Reader submitted, courtesy of  D. Michael

Photo: Jim Cheney & Bill Tortorello

Shadow Wood Golf Club – Estero, FL