This is another fun game that helps focus on the basics for good scoring.  The game can be adapted for any number of players or groups with fairly similar handicaps.

Prior to beginning the round the group agrees on a common dollar contribution for the winners pool.  Then each person plays their own ball  and keeps score of the following:

Earn a point for:

  • Fairway hit on drive
  • Green in regulation
  • Sandy Par
  • Closest to the pin on Par 3s
  • 1 Putts
  • Birdies

Lose a point for:

  • Out of bounds
  • Shots in a hazard
  • 3 Putts or higher
  • Lost Ball
  • Double bogey or worse

At the conclusion of the round the person with the most points wins the pot.


  • It’s important to note that this game is not well suited for competition between players of significant differences in skill.  A low handicap player would clearly have an advantage.  The best adjustment for this situation would be to play teams  and pair a low handicappers with the higher handicappers.
  • You can put a dollar amount on each point, but that requires some more complex accounting at the end.
  • Add or remove ways to win or lose points to create your own version.
  • For larger groups pay the top 3 places from the pool.
  • Play as a team game.


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