A secret to game improvement

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Golf side bets can be a great game improvement tool.

There are many reasons to include side bets in your golf matches, but none are more valuable than the way a wager can help improve your game.

How you say?

Golf teachers tell us to “stay in the moment”, “one shot at a time”, “Focus your mind” but our tendency is to look ahead and think about our final score.  A bad hole can ruin your attitude for the round which only leads to more bad holes.

A good side bet can help us avoid this pit fall by focusing on winning one hole at a time.  If your attention is on winning a hole-by-hole bet, you can better avoid anxiety about your final score.

The side bet will also encourage following the Rules of Golf!  If we are all just playing along for our own score we may not focus as well on small matters of rule interpretation.  Have a buck or two at risk and your opponent will glad point out any oversights!!

For example; the game Bingo Bango Bongo challenges competitors on the long game, short game, and putting. Three points are up for grabs on each hole.

CLICK HERE to review the game format.

There are many fun side bet formats available.  Keep it fresh and try new games with your playing partners.  Playing the same old Nassau can get boring and lose “stay in the moment” value.