Try adding this clever addition to your golf tournament. It’s an excellent game to offer sponsors.

Par 3 Poker awards random poker cards to each team players who land on the green with their tee shots on all Par 3s. (green in regulation).

Teams accumulate cards on each Par 3 and then use them to make their best possible 5 card poker hand.  Obviously you will need a tournament volunteer or sponsor on each Par 3 to award the cards.

Have each team present their best 5 card hand at the banquet to win a prize.


  • If you have a field of relatively good players there will be multiple cards awarded.  If you have less capable players in the field, modify qualification to win cards something less demanding like making par, or award three cards for any one player making the green in regulation.
  • You can create a variety of options for accumulating cards on Par 3s to fit your participants.  What earns a card, or how many cards, etc.  Just make it fun and easy to administer.
  • Do a poker show down by having teams roll one card at time to make it more exciting.