10 Best Games for a Golf Buddies Trip

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Here’s a list that you and your golf buddies can play on your next golf trip to add some fun and competition to your rounds:

1.  Skins:
Each hole is worth a certain amount of money or points. The player with the lowest score on each hole wins the “skin” for that hole.  You can include carry-over value if no one wins a skin on a given hole.

2.  Best Ball:
Create teams and then each player plays their own ball, and the team takes the lowest score on each hole as the team score.

3. Match Play:
Organize all your participants into daily 9-hole match play competitions.  Award prizes for the top 3 winners.

4. Nassau:
The round is divided into three matches – front nine, back nine, and overall. Individual or team players can win or lose bets on each of these matches.

5. Stableford:
Points are awarded based on the players score relative to par on each hole. The player or team with the highest total points at the end wins.  Play net or gross.
Play a daily competition, and/or carry over multiple days for total accumulated points.
The standard point distribution is as follows: 
       Double Eagle: +5 points | Eagle: +4 points | Birdie: +3 points | Par: +2 points | Bogey: +1 point | Double Bogey or worse: 0 points.

6.  Round Robin (also called Sixes):
Players rotate partners every six holes, creating different team combinations throughout the round.  Play best ball, or combined score of the team.

7.  Medal Play
Accumulate each players net score for each days play and award Cash or a Prize for the top winner(s).  Either a daily win, and/or an accumulated score for the whole trip.

8.  Longest Drive/Closest to the Pin:
Compete for the longest drive on par-5s or the closest approach to the pin on par-3s. Winners can receive Cash or Prizes.  Note: If your group has a variety of skills, skip the longest drive competition as it would likely not be fair.

9. Par 3 Challenge:
Turn every par-3 into a mini-competition. The player who gets closest to the pin on each par-3 wins a prize.  Consider a second competition for the lowest score on all Par 3s combined.

10.  Eclectic:
If you are playing the same course more than once, players record their best score on each hole from each round and compile their best score on each hole over multiple days.  Players record on 18 hole score.

Competition generally works best using handicaps for scoring unless the participants are all within a three-index differential.



Consider including a Commemorative Gift for all participants to help create a memory.

Using a combination of Prizes and Cash can add more fun to the competition.

These games can add excitement and camaraderie to your golf trip. Enjoy!

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PS – Watch for coming announcement about Big Game Golf!