I found these games referenced in the book Golf Games from “Golf Trip Junkie”


This is a two person Match Play game with a twist.  Use your stroke differential wherever you want instead of the designated handicap holes.  It’s really helpful when you have a hole that you know to be your nemesis.

Simply declare you are using your strokes on any hole before teeing off.

Three Little Pigs

This is a great game to play if you are plagued by a few blow-up holes every round.  When the match is over and a cold beer in hand, each player can throw out 3 holes and compare their total score on the remaining 15 holes.  You can play net or gross, whichever suits ya.

Three Blind Mice

Similar to Three Little Pigs, this results in a 15 hole match.  Only this time, find a way of randomly drawing 3 hole’s scores to be discarded.  One of the easiest options is to ask your server in the 19th hole to choose for you.


This game is all about putting and both players must putt out on every hole.

Agree on a betting amount before teeing off and then whenever a player 3 putts they must add that amount to the pot.  There are a couple options for deciding who wins the pot.

  • The last person to 3 putt loses.
  • The player with the fewest 3 putts wins.

If you want to get crazy, play the game doubling the bet on every 3 putt.  That will get your attention!


Sure, you can play this traditional match play game competing for the best score on the front 9, back 9 and total 18, but where is the fun in that!?

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