This game has its origins from the board game Monopoly.  Think of each hole as a street and the goal is to own a home on each street and collect rent from your opponents.  The player(s) with the lowest score owns a home on that hole.
More than one player can earn a home on a hole and that will define what kind of home it is.

It’s best played in a foursome using net scoring unless everyone has a similar handicap.

Here’s how you play:

Before the match begins agree on what the “Rent” will be for each residence.  For this example, we will use $1.00 for rent basis.

The Rent is calculated by subtracting higher scores from the lowest score.
Here’s some examples:

  • SINGLE HOME (One player gets low net)
    -You (player A) make a net 4
    -Your three opponents make net 6.
    They each owe you +$2.00 (6-4=2 x $1) Rent for a total rental income of +$6.00 on the first hole.
  • DUPLEX (Two players get low net)
    -You (Player A) make a 4
    -Player B makes a 4
    -Player C makes a 5
    -Player D makes a 7
    You collect +$1.00 Rent from player C and +$3.00 Rent from player D and no rent from player B.
    Players C and D pay the same amount to player B who tied you for low score and is therefore the Duplex “co-owner”.
    Player C paid -$2.00 total Rent to players A and B, but gets +$2.00 in Rental refund from player D, so he breaks even on the second hole.  Player D will be filing for rent relief!
  • TRI-PLEX (3 players get low net)
    -You (Player A) make 5
    -Players B, C, and D each post a 4.
    You owe $1.00 Rent to each of the three co-owners of the Tri-plex, totaling -$3.00.
  • FOUR-PLEX (All tie for low net)
    When all players get the same net score the hole’s home is deemed “Public Housing” – nobody pays rent.

And so it goes for all 18 Streets…..

It may seem complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to keep score.  Each player keeps a separate score card with their opponents listed and use (+/- $ ) for each hole.



This game has the potential of getting quite expensive, so BE CAREFUL!!!


  • If a player gets a Birdie it becomes a high rent district and Rent doubles on that street.
  • It can be fun to pay in cash at the end of each hole. You would need to bring a wad of cash!
  • You can choose to adjust for Handicaps up front and use gross scoring.  For example the 8 handicap gives the 10 handicap $2 or $4 (2x is probably fairer) up front, etc.
  • For more volatility… if everyone ties on two consecutive holes you can double the Rent on the remaining holes.


There is even a Golf Edition of the Board Game Monopoly!