For us mid-handicap players, there is usually a handful of missed shots, or putts gone awry, that keep an otherwise good performance from resulting in a satisfying final score.  Why does this happen?  Maybe we get tired, lose focus, or try a shot we shouldn’t.  Whatever the reason it sure can get frustrating.

When reviewing our round in the 19th hole, our conversations often turn to; “If I had only…..”.

Well, now you can have a chance at correcting those few errors.  Try this interesting game to see if those few mistakes really do cost you a good round.

Play Mulligan Madness. 
Each player gets one Mulligan for every handicap stroke they have on the course of the day.

For example, a 14 handicap gets 14 Mulligans to use anywhere during the round.  Like drives, approach shots, putts, you choose.

Of course purists look down on Mulligans, but this can be a great training tool.  Like learning to evaluate what you did wrong and then re-executing the shot with proper technique.

You can turn this into a best ball match with your playing partners each getting their handicap Mulligans.  Match each other with gross scores only. You will find a real challenge picking which shots to re-do without using up all your Mulligans on the front nine!

Or even do a tournament with multiple groups using the Mulligan/Handicap format.

Obviously, you won’t be able to post your score, so consider it a practice round.  Or play it during the off season when many regions of the country don’t post.

And be aware of pace of play.  This game can slow you down, so be sure to find ways to keep pace and not hold up other golfers on the course.

One final thought

How many times have you taken a Mulligan only to make the exact same mistake?  Seems like always!  Maybe this game will help you learn how not to instantaneously make the same damn mistake!


  • Allow Mulligans on only certain shots – like drives & putts, or approach shots only for example.
  • Limit use of the Mulligans to holes where players get a handicap stroke.
  • Or limit the number of Mulligans you can use on any given hole.
  • If your course isn’t busy, play both balls into the hole after taking the Mulligan.  See which ball turns out best.


The History Of The Mulligan