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Here’s how…..

Select Teams

  1. Use a random method to divide into teams of 3 and 2. CLICK HERE for ideas.
  2. On the front nine the team of 2 gets to use a phantom player whose handicap is the same as the lowest player handicap from the team of 3. Scores for the phantom player follow the hole handicaps.  (e.g. If it is a stroke hole the phantom player scores a bogey.)
  3. On the back nine the player on the team of 3 with the lowest 9 hole net score moves to the team of 2 forming a new competition for the back nine.

Determine a bet for either:

a) The front nine and the back nine Team score, or

b) Match play with a value for winning each hole.


  • Agree on net or gross scoring.
  • Choose either a combined team score on each hole, or the two lowest, or the lowest score


  • You can also use a point system for the wager, using Stableford scoring – 1 point for par, 3 for birdie, 5 for eagle.
  • Add the opportunity for more points for Long Drives and KPs.

NOTE:  Fivesomes are often frowned on for fears of slow play, but some courses do allow them.  My experience is that anyone who plays in a fivesome knows full well how to keep up pace of play.  Like not standing around watching while everyone putts out – get your ass to the next tee if you putt out first!