Random Throw


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It seems to always come up.  We all arrive on the first tee, agree on a side game and then someone asks, “So how shall we pick partners?”

Either no one wants to say, or everyone has a different idea.  So we are here to help.  Simply pick one of these for a quick solution.

Do you have a better way?  Let’s hear from you!


1.      Random Ball Throw: (pictured) Just collect a ball from each player and toss them in the air.  The closet two are partners.

2.      Handicap Relativity: The lowest handicap player is automatically paired with the highest handicap player.  This method helps balance the teams.

3.      Tee Roulette:  One player tosses his tee in the air and the player it most points at when it lands is his partner. ( I swear at least half the time this is used the tee ends up pointing back at the thrower!)

4.      Ball Proximity:  After everyone tees off you choose the two balls that are closest in proximity, or closest to the center, or the long ball and the short ball.  Those two are partners.


5.      Tee Draw: Find two matching tees and two different tees.  Toss them in a hat, mix them up, and have each player draw a tee. The players with the two matching tees are partners.

6.      Ball Marker Draw: Same as the Tee Draw only using Ball Markers.

7.      Putter Cover Draw: If players have unique putter covers, place them in a bag and draw pairs to determine partners.

8.      Golf Glove Draw: Players place their golf gloves in a bag. Draw pairs of gloves to decide partners.

9.      Divot Tool Stick: Each player throws their Divot Tool at the ground.  The two that stick closest are partners.  Or if some are a bad throwers, the two that actually stick upright are partners.

10.   Dual on the Range:  While you are warming up on the range, pick a target and each take a shot at it.  The two getting closest are partners.

11.   Scorecard Order: If someone has the scorecard names already written down in a random order – The first two names on the scorecard are partners against the last two.

12.   Putt Off:  Create a putting challenge on the practice green.  The first two to get it in the hole are partners.

13.   Cart Buddies:  Simply say that the players riding together are partners.

14.   Arrivals:  The first two to show up at the course are automatically partners.

What’s your idea????