This game is inspired by a recent Instagram post by @bucketlistgolftrips shared by Jeff T., a loyal GG4Golf subscriber.

Three Putt Monty is another performance side game that focuses on putting skills.  Before starting the game, choose a dollar buy-in  agreeable to all.  Let’s say $10 each for this example.

Next use a random method of establishing tee off order for the first tee.
That order will designate Player 1, 2, 3, and 4 for the entire match.

Player 1 will hold the money until they 3 Putt at which point the pot money is given to player 2 until they 3 putt and the money then transfers to player 3, and so on.

At the end of the first nine, the person holding the pot gets to keep half of the pot ($20 in this example) and play continues on the back nine until that player 3 putts and gives the remaining half of the pot to the next player in order.

The lucky player holding the pot at the conclusion of 18 holes retains the second half of the pot.


  • Reverse it and play that whoever makes a 1 putt gets the money until someone else 1-putts.
  • If your group are low-handicappers, make the game harder by making the threshold 2 putts instead of 3.
  • If you want to make it really intense, start with $1.00 and then add another dollar for every transfer.  For example, if player one three putts they give the first $1.00 to player 2.  When player 2 three putts they give $2.00 to player 3, and when player three putts they give player 4 $3.00 and so on….
  • Or if you really want to pucker, double the amount on each transfer!  Yikes!

Educational Note:

Most amateur golfers are used to giving putts during their friendly rounds.  The length of the “gimmie” seems to get longer and longer as time goes on.  The performance outcome of this practice reveals itself when you end up in a real tournament and start missing two footers because you never putt them!

Play Three Putt Monty for a while and you will definitely be tournament ready!

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