Multiple group games are always fun and lead to a lot of story telling on the 19th hole!  Here are five fun ones contributed with the help of “The Commish”.

  1. Team Scramble 2×2
    4 person teams  constructed so that the handicaps add up to about the same. Within each foursome, start with two person teams, each in scramble format to record two gross scores on each hole.  After 6 holes mix up the two person teams and repeat the scramble for the next set of six scores.  Then play the final 6 holes with the partners who have yet to play together. Partners can be picked after the tee shot on hole  # 1 and then again on # 7. 
  2. The Lone Wolf Scramble
    This is a 4 person team game in which 2 scores are recorded on each hole. Construct teams with handicaps adding up to a similar number for all teams. The first score is the Lone Wolf and the second score is the best score of the other 3 players using a scramble format. Players tee off, select a lone wolf, and the lone wolf plays their ball until holed. The other 3 players scramble until holed out.

    Course handicaps are used so players are allowed to play from different tees.

    Each player must be the lone wolf 4 times. The lone wolf is selected after the tee shot on each hole.

  3. One Gross / One Net
    Each foursome records their best net and gross score – two scores on each hole.  An option is to add additional scores on certain holes, like 1 gross plus 2 or 3 net on holes 1-9-10-18, or all par 3s or all par 5s.

    Or do what some call the Shuffle – 1 low net on par 5s, 2 low net on par 4s, 3 low net on par 3s.

  4. Skins with a Deuce Pot
    All players in all foursomes compete for an ante pot for both gross and net skins.  A gross skin beats a net skin. For more adventure, add a “Deuce pot” – Create a separate ante pot and all recorded deuces share the pot. A hole in one takes the entire pot!
  5. High / Low
    This game can be played using net or gross scores.  Each team will record the sum of their lowest and highest score on each hole – 2 scores added together for the team score.  But wait, there is more…. if the team scores a birdie they then can add their two lowest scores together for that hole.