Running late and need a quick and easy side game for your foursome.   Here’s seven great ideas:

First, decide if you are using Net or Gross scoring.  I always prefer net, unless the difference in the groups handicaps is 3 or less.

This ever popular game simply pays the winner of three deferent segments: Lowest score on the Front nine, Back nine, and Total 18. Play individual or teams.

Before teeing off, everyone throws and agreed amount of money into a pot. At the end of the round, six holes are chosen randomly, and the player with the lowest score for those six holes wins the pot.

Play Better Ball either individually or in teams in matches of three consecutive holes.  Have the same or a separate bet for each segment.

Assign a betting value to each hole in order of it’s difficulty.  For example, have the No. 1-handicap hole worth $18.00 and the 18-handicap hole worth $1.00. Adjust the stakes to your groups comfort zone. Simply win a hole, and you or your side banks that amount.  Or, you can use this format on a group of holes.  Like handicap holes 1-6 are worth $6.00/hole, 7-12 $3.00/hole, and 13-18 $1/hole.

Before teeing off on any hole, a player can declare a “money ball.” If they make birdie (you can decide if it’s net or gross), they are paid a predetermined amount by each of the other players in the group. But should that player make double bogey or worse, that same amount has to be paid from the money-ball player to the other players in the group.

Two person teams play three consecutive six hole matches.  After each six holes, rotate partners. Play either better ball, or total team score.  (or better ball with the second score being a tie breaker) You can also elect to play Match Play or Total Six Hole Score.

There are two elements to this game and you must play it with no “gimmies”.
First, agree on 1) an upfront donation to a pot and 2) a one time bet.

The pot is won by the player with the fewest total putts for the round.  The second element is The Snake.  Whoever three putts first owns the Snake.  But they get to pass it to the next player who three putts.  The player holding the snake at the end of the round owes each of their playing partners the agreed amount one time bet.