This is a perfect betting game for any foursome, especially if your handicaps vary significantly.

Form two – two person teams on the first tee by any method you like.  For the first 6 holes each team competes for the low net score on a hole.   If there is a tie for low net, then the second ball comes into play and the hole is won or lost counting both balls of each team.  The winning twosome gets one point each for that hole. If there is a tie using all four players scores, no points are awarded.

After completing 6 holes of competition, new partners are formed for the next 6 holes.  After 12 holes, the final partner switch is completed.

For betting purposes, each six-hole team is playing for a pre-established amount.  The net number of wins and losses for each player is calculated at the end of the 18-hole round and payment is made accordingly.  This is similar to a Nassau bet.

The great part of this game is the partner competition is evened out because each player has every other as a teammate for a portion of the competition.


  • Points: Many don’t like it when a team would close out their opponents in fewer than six holes resulting in a couple of holes played with no impact on the competition.  
    Golf buddy Steve (0n the right) has a solution!  Implement a point system with each point worth an agreed dollar value. Award one point to the team winning any hole.  Then award an two extra points for any team that wins the most holes in each of the six hole segments.  This way, every hole still counts for something because you could effectively have lost the six hole segment after four holes but still have the opportunity to earn points in the remaining two.
  • Two Ball: If the opponents have fairly similar handicaps, play the game counting both balls on every hole.  The sum total of each teams score against each other.  Make this version even more interesting by throwing in a low net score as a tie-breaker on any hole.