Dividing the match into three competitive segments

Undisputedly the most popular weekend betting golf game, a Nassau is basically three matches inside of a round.

Single competitors attempt to win any of three segments of the game:  1) The front nine holes, 2) the back nine holes, and 3) the 18-hole total.  So, if a player is playing a $5 Nassau, the front side is played for $5, the back side is played for $5 and the total worth $5.  $15 total to be won or lost.

The most typical Nassau bet is based on Stroke Play with net scores.   Match Play is an option; each player attempts to win individual holes and have more total won holes than their opponent in any or all three segments.  No points are awarded for halved holes. In either format, if competitors come out even, then that segment is a push, and no one wins.

When playing a Nassau in a foursome with partners, it is most common to use the best net score of the partners versus that of your opponents.  Or, you can create a “points” version where you can win 2 points on each hole; 1 point for the lowest score and 1 point for the low total combined team score. The advantage of playing for points is that it keeps everyone in the match.  Another version would be High/Low where you simply match the two lowest scores against the two highest scores with each being worth a point.