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An Interview with Emily Clark of

I first met Emily when she reached out to me and offered to write an article for

She delivered a facinating peice about how organizations can use golf technology to attract and retain new customers.  I was so impressed that I wanted to learn more about Emily, Niftygolf, and her journey.  Here’s what she shared:

Tell us about yourself!
Hello! I’m Emily, and today, I’ll share my unique golf journey with you all. Unlike many golf enthusiasts, I didn’t have a background in playing golf, nor did I watch my father or anyone else play the sport. My fascination with golf began when I randomly stumbled upon a golf tournament on TV one day. The precision, the beauty of the courses, and the sheer skill of the players caught my attention. From there, I started playing golf video games, which sparked my curiosity to learn more about the real game.

How did you get interested in golf?
My interest in golf took an unconventional route. It wasn’t through personal experience but rather through my fascination with golf simulations and watching professional tournaments. These experiences ignited my passion to delve deeper into the world of golf and its intersection with technology.

What inspired you to start a website?
The idea to start a website dedicated to golf and technology had been brewing for quite some time. I launched my website five years ago, but its planning and preparation spanned over seven years. I wanted to ensure that when I did launch, it would be a valuable resource for golf enthusiasts seeking insights into how technology can enhance their game.

A profound alignment with my core values and long-term vision drove me to join NiftyGolf. The concept of a website dedicated to the fusion of golf and technology had been taking shape within me for an extended period.

My primary aim was to guarantee that my contribution would result in a platform truly cherished by golf enthusiasts. I aspired for it to be a wellspring of insights, providing golf fans with a wealth of knowledge on how technology can intricately enhance and refine their game, ultimately amplifying their golfing experience.

How long have you had it?
The website has been live for a total of 6 years, and as for myself, I have been actively involved in its operation for the past 4 years. It’s been an incredible journey of growth and learning. During this time, I’ve connected with golfers and enthusiasts worldwide, sharing my passion and continuously expanding my knowledge base.

What are the goals of your website?
The primary goal of NiftyGolf has always been to provide golfers, whether seasoned pros, golf enthusiasts like me, or newcomers, with the latest information on golf simulation technology, equipment reviews, and effective training drills. NiftyGolf is committed to helping people enhance their golfing skills and enjoy the game even more.

Is this your primary job? If not, what else do you do?  
While working here at NiftyGolf is a significant part of my life, it’s not my primary job. I am a digital marketer and content writer, which complements my passion for sports and online content creation. It also allows me to gain insights and skills that benefit my golf-related endeavors.

How does writing articles for other blogs fit into your objectives?
Writing articles for other blogs and publications serves as a way to reach a wider audience and spread awareness about the synergy between golf and technology. It’s a means to connect with people who may still need to discover my website and share my expertise in a broader context.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Looking ahead, my more ambitious goal for the next five years is to establish my website as the go-to platform for golfers worldwide who want to harness the full potential of technology to improve their game. I aim to expand my reach and influence, possibly collaborating with leading golf tech companies to develop cutting-edge products and solutions that revolutionize how golf is played and enjoyed. Ultimately, I want to leave a lasting impact on the golfing world by bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, making golf even more accessible and exciting for everyone.

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