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Fathers Day

10 Reasons you should golf on Fathers Day

Try any of these with your wife and family!
  1. It’s the One Day You Can Escape the Honey-Do List: The lawn can wait, but a perfect swing can’t.
  2. Honoring Family: A long walk, breathing fresh air in a peaceful country side thinking how lucky you are to have such a great family.
  3. Your Best Chance to Break 90: You’ve been saying it all year – today could finally be the day!
  4. Exercise:   You haven’t been able to exercise much lately and this could really help!
  5. Peace and Quiet: The only voices you’ll hear are those of nature and maybe a few disgruntled birds.
  6. Family freedom: You are allowing your family to do whatever they would like to do instead of swooning over you all day!
  7. It’s a Tradition: What better way to honor fatherhood than by continuing the age-old tradition of hitting tiny balls into faraway holes voicing a variety of obscenities?
  8. Bonding Time with the Guys: Father’s Day is also about celebrating friendships and male bonding.
  9. You’re Supporting the Economy: By playing golf, you’re helping keep golf courses and beverage carts in business.  Contributing to society.
  10. Post-Golf Nap: Saving the family from watching you fall asleep in the recliner watching sports all day.  A round of golf ensures a guilt-free designated afternoon nap of shorter timeframe!

    And lastly, it’s your ultimate Father’s Day dream.

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