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The Amazing Francesca

Last spring my son-in-law and I went to see the UO Golf Practice Facility (awesome) and play a round of golf at Emerald Valley Golf Course.  The starter asked us if we would mind having a young girl join us with her father walking along.  We said “of course”.

She was quite shy and when we asked her what tees she would like to play she said, “wherever you play.”  She was about 5’2 and slight in stature.  She asked us to tee off first.  I was pretty proud of my 225 yard drive until she blew hers past me!  She was a master of routine and concentration.  I barely beat her on the front, and then she smoked me on the back 9.

On the 17th hole her dad walked with me and told me she doesn’t like attention, but I might like to know she was the 2-time 5A state champion from North Eugene.  Ha!  It was such a joy to watch her go about her game.

I just read that she became the 3-time state champion this month.

There’s only been one four-time state champion in Oregon girls golf history according to the Oregonian.   Francesca Tomp took one step closer to becoming the second to accomplish the feat.

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Photos from KPIC#4

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