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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Annual Golf Tournament
I am looking to put together a foursome to help support this wonderful organization.  Want to join me? Or consider making a donation?  Let me know or use the link below.Their Mission:  To advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children who are in the custody of the state and under the protection of the court.  We dedicate our resources to recruiting, training, and supporting citizen advocates to provide quality advocacy to as many children as we can.
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Annoying Golf Commentators
Do you ever have little things drive you crazy?
Here’s one of mine, Sunday at the Women’s US Open Morgan Pressel says: “This putt is uphill, but has a pretty good amount of break from right to left….”
Why do golf commentators insist on describing putts “from / to”???
Why can’t they just say, “this putt will break left”?
The ball can’t come from the right to the left, it was never right.  It just broke left.
If commentators are going to use this ill-formed description of a putt, then be consistent and say, “This putt will be from downhill to uphill”!!
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Invest in a golfer on their way to the pros

Have you ever thought it would be fun to back a young golfer on their way to a pro career?
Carry Golf has made it possible to participate in such a plan with other investors for as little as $250.If you would like to learn more, watch for my interview with Donnie Dotson, Founder and CEO, in next months newsletter!

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Classic SeinfeldOld Seinfeld clips keep showing up in my Instagram feed reminding me how hilarious that group was. I collected some of the funniest golf related clips and posted them in my blog.  Click on the link below for a good laugh!
Seinfeld Golf Clips


3 Putt Poker
This game gets more views on my blog than any other game.  I am curious why it’s so popular?
If you have played it, I would love your feedback.
3 Putt Poker


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