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Visiting a club fitter

Game Improvement with Club Fitting

Have you had a fitting session from a Certified Club Fitter?  It’s such a good investment for your golf game. I recently had a session with Jason Burnett, a Certified Master Club Fitter at Red Tail Golf Center in Portland Oregon.  I left the session with a retooled sequence of woods and hybrids to better manage distances.  And I learned a whole lot about my clubs and swing that will definitely help my game.

The club-fitting process includes both static and dynamic computations and analysis of your golf swing. The goal is to determine what loft, lie angle, shaft flex, head design, length, and grips your clubs will need to best suit your game.

I used AI to gather some supporting information:

Benefits of a golf club fitting session 

    • Improved performance: 80% of custom-fit golfers hit the ball more accurately and consistently.
    • Improved scores: Golfers who were custom-fit were 22% more likely to see an improvement in their scores of 2 strokes or more per round.
    • Reduced handicap: 87 percent of all golfers who are fit are able to reduce their handicap by at least 10 percent.
    • Better swing mechanics: A customized set of clubs can foster better swing mechanics.
    • More confidence: A customized set of clubs can foster more confidence.
    • More fun on the golf course: A customized set of clubs can lead to more fun on the golf course.

What to expect during a golf club fitting session 

    • A fitter will typically start with your 7-iron and test the lie and length of the club.
    • The fitter will have you hit clubs with varying lie angles and lengths until they find the correct setup for your swing.
    • You’re going to hit a lot of balls.

Many golf shops will provide you free fitting services if you are buying clubs.  If your not buying, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on how deep a dive you’re taking.  For example, you can just do a fitting for your woods, or just your irons, or the whole bag.  You can also just do your putter.  Most will fit you for a golf ball too.

How about giving yourself a club fitting gift to start your New Year off right!

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