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Buddy Golf Trips – a follow up

I previously shared an article about planning a successful buddy trip.

This hilarious YouTube video captures the nuances of splitting the restaurant bill perfectly!  A must watch – Does this sound like your buddies??

Split the bill!

Managing Expectations

We all get frustrated by comparing our golf skills to what we see on TV.  One commentator shared how you mostly see the good shots on the broadcast.  All the players low on the leaderboard making average shots don’t make it to our TV screen. It might help our game if we managed our expectations to begin with.  Like asking how do we perform against others with a similar handicap.

GIR % 125-150 yards by handicap

  • Scratch: 51.8%
  • 5 handicap: 42.1%
  • 10 handicap: 24.5%
  • 15 handicap: 27.4%
Pro VS Am Stats
Double Digit Challenge – new game

This is an interesting game for a foursome playing 2 vs 2 teams .
The teams record their scores as a double-digit number at the conclusion of each hole.
Then calculate the difference between each teams score.  The lowest team score gets points equal to the differential.

Here’s an example:
Bob and Tom scored 4 and 5 on the first hole.  That counts as a 45. (lowest score first)
Their opponent’s Dave and Rick scored a 5 and a 6 which counts as 56.
Subtracting the lowest partner score from the higher score represents the number of points won on the hole. e.g. 56 minus 45 = 11 points won.

But wait, there’s more…… An interesting twist comes into play when a team scores a birdie.  If your opponents did not also make a birdie, their score inverts, with the higher digit going first.  That turns the 56 into a 65. The differential between those two scores (65 and 45) is now 20 points.  Boom!
What if someone scores an Eagle?  Simply double the points won for a birdie.  40 points in this example.
Keep a tally of each holes earned points and total them up at the end.

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Double Digit Game
Tournament Pools
Make watching tournaments more fun with one of our Tournament Pool ideas!
Visit GG4Golf to learn more….
Tournament Pools
Game Improvement
Simple way to score better:
Answer: Side bets.  Yes, having a side game is a powerful tool to lower scores.
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