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What I learned from my golf trip to Scotland

– Don’t put anything you absolutely need in checked baggage.
– White tees are the back tees.
– Mulligans are called “3 strokes” by your caddy.
– The Scots don’t need birdies for a reason take a shot of whisky whilst golfing.
– They are not much for side bets. More focused on real golf. Bad for me.
– Winning 7 and 6 in match play is called a dog license because a dog license used to cost 7 shillings and 6 pence.
– If you hit your drive through the green on a Par 4 and it rolls into the parking lot, even though your caddy says its a free drop your golf mates may not. Bad for me.
– The oldest golf club in the world is just outside Edinburgh….read more.
– You may never make it to the Masters, but you might bump into the Chairman of Augusta National golfing in Scotland and get a pic with him! …see picture.
– The Scots are some of the nicest most hospitable people in the world. And they hate Donald Trump!


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