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Vacation Rental Platform Built for Golfers

In case you haven’t bumped into their site or social media yet, Golfhōm is the first-to-market worldwide vacation rental platform built for golfers. They recently beta-launched and have a pretty decent selection of homes and condos in Florida, Arizona and Hawaii already.

CEO and co-founder Scott Prestin came up with the idea for the golfer-centric vacation rental platform while planning a friend’s bachelor party golf-excursion. It wasn’t easy to pinpoint golf course-vicinity vacation rentals, so he created a new, golf-searchable platform and is adding tons of golf bells, whistles and gear discounts for its users.

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The company has signed booking channel agreements with leading vacation rental industry channel managers Nextpax, Rentals United and BookingPal. They state that they will be significantly increasing their listing numbers in coming months.

Golfhōm looks and operates like any other modern vacation rental platform. The two main (and cool) variations are golf-traveler-friendly search options, and golf-related content and discounts for its users. Travelers can search for Golfhōm vacation rentals by 38,000+ global golf course names, major golf
tournaments or simply by a normal city/state location query.

Every rental property has the nearby golf course options posted on its listing page and users can click on any of said courses for a pop-up “Golfhōm Course Index” card with info and links related to that particular course.

Golfhōm also offers its users a growing variety of golf and travel-related content and discounts on partner gear and golf clothing. Golf/travel packages and a tee time booking function are reported to be available soon on the site as well, along with an awesome golfer-loyalty program for its renters (think free golf magazines, balls, clothing and gear when you rent!) Check out Golfhōm when you get a chance, it’s great they are tailoring their design and growth specifically for all of us passionate golf travelers!

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