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Prestwick Golf Club – Scotland

Where to begin… so much to say about Old Prestwick. One of the most fascinating golf experiences I’ve ever had.  One must start with the history:


The history of Prestwick Golf Club stretches back over 160 years to a time when golf was in its infancy. In 1851, a group of 57 enthusiastic members, who met regularly at the Red Lion Inn, made the momentous decision to form a golf club purchasing two cottages opposite the tavern. Read the history…. 
My history there is not quite so famous, but worth mentioning.  I first played it on a trip to Scotland in 2006.  In July of 2022 I had another opportunity, and this one was special.  My traveling partner Steve met J.O. at a golf show and J.O. was a member of Prestwick.  He lives in Sweden and has a non-resident member status.  Steve and J.O. cooked up a plan for our group from the states to have a two day Ryder Cup type match with four gentlemen from Sweden.
To commemorate the event I designed a logo which Steve then had his company – Tempercraft – create custom water bottles. 
We stayed at a wonderful B&B across the street as recommended by J.O.  What a lovely experience we had at the Golf View.
The group from Sweden were some of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever met.  After golf and refreshments the whole group enjoyed local dining together.  It was a privilege to share their company.  Their home club in Sweden is a beautiful links course called Falsterbo
Many thanks to J.O., Johan, Henrik,  and Gabriel.
My Caddy was Billy Ciplinski  and he was a hoot.  Billy is a very accomplished caddy having carried bags in championship tournaments.  He had an amazing story about being struck in the head by a golf ball hit by VJ Singh in the 2016 Open
Being the guests of members we were allowed in the members only areas of the clubhouse which meant we got to really feel the history of the club.
Some unique things I observed about Prestwick:
  • One of the oldest clubs in Scotland – designed by Old Tom Morris
  • Hosted the first 12 Open Championships and a total of 24
  • There is a marker commemorating the very first Open tee shot.
  • Members are required to arrive at the club in Jacket and Tie
  • Members wearing shorts are expected to have knee high socks



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