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Buddy Trip – Split The Bill?

You may have read my article “How to Plan the Perfect Buddy Golf Trip”

In it, I talked about how to handle the sharing of expenses (see below).  Since the article was published I came across this hilarious YouTube video about splitting up a restaurant bill.

It is a must watch.  Can you relate?

Agree on how expenses are going to be shared.
Sorting out the money issues is a sensitive process.  Communicate clear expectations about what things will cost right up front.  Remember, not everyone is in the same financial position, so try to avoid any surprises.
If some participants have budget concerns, create optional rooms or golf courses where one might choose a less expensive choice.
Plan for how expenses will be managed.  I’ve done trips where I just pay for everything on my credit card and then sent a closing summary to everyone with their allocation.
On a recent trip to Vegas, we divided the big expenses among each other.  One paid for the Airbnb and rental car, one paid for football tickets, another paid for the golf, and our fourth picked up dinners.
We all sent our receipts to our designated “accountant” who calculated the final amounts due, and we used Venmo to make it square.
Consider having people pay a deposit if you have any concerns about a sincere commitment.


This hilarious YouTube video captures the nuances of splitting the restaurant bill perfectly!


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