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Speed Stik–Golf Training Aid

Speed Stik–Golf Training Aid, Distance Trainer for Men & Women – Increase Your Swing Speed & Driving Distance Just purchased one of these after hearing Matt Fitzpatrick talk about how it helped him improve distance.

I’m impressed and anxious to see how it helps me. Very well designed and constructed.

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From the manufacturer:

  • 20 SWINGS A DAY FOR 20 MORE YARDS: Increase your driver speed by 6–10 MPH, giving you 15 –25 extra yards off the tee and making all your approach shots shorter and easier
  • SWING FASTER, DRIVE FARTHER: Groove a textbook downswing that delivers a powerful, perfectly-timed blow; No wasted effort, funnel all your speed and power into the back of the ball at impact for maximum distance
  • SPEED SLIDER: It does no good to swing faster if your timing is off; That’s where the Speed Slider comes in; It teaches you to lag the club so that you release your speed at impact, not before;As you swing downward, the SpeedSlider glides toward a stopper at the bottom; If your release is timed correctly; When you swing the Speed Stik, the feel and sound of the crack will tell you immediately if your release is early or late
  • SPEED DIAL; This speed slider is magnetically attached to a 5-setting dial on the Speed Stik’s shaft; The dial’s 5settings correlate to swing speed, so the higher the number, the more speed is required to move the Speed Slider; It works for a huge range of swings –from below 80 MPH to a tour-level 110-plus; Crank the dial higher to force yourself to swing faster in order to release the slider
  • 1year manufacturer warranty against defects
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