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Side Saddle Putting Explained

Side Saddle Putting.

Ever try it?

Paul T., one of my golf buddies swears by it and I must admit, he putts pretty darn well.

Paul uses a classic Cue Stick by Roskopf Golf – which is a rare collector’s item.

I asked A.I. if this putting style was legal and got this response:

Yes, side-saddle putting is legal and within the Rules of Golf. Also known as face-on putting or straight-forward putting, it is 100% legal by the United States Golf Association’s official rules. Players can use it in any tournament around the world as long as they do not anchor the club or intentionally hold a forearm against the body to create an anchor point.

The shaft must have at least an 80 degree lie angle to conform. Most putters are around 70 degrees. The idea is to prevent a vertical shaft that would support a down the line pendulum motion.

You may not make a stroke at the ball with your feet astride or standing on the line of putt or an extension of the line of putt behind the ball.

Have any golf Pros ever used Side Saddle putting?

Yes, according to AI some golf pros have used side-saddle putting, including:

  • Sam Snead: He used it at the end of his career. Although he positioned the ball between his legs -Croquet-style which was ultimately declared illegal by The USGA and PGA tour.  They made Croquet-style illegal because it threatened to become too popular and was too “untraditional”.
  • J. Choi: Tried it in a few tournaments in 2010.
  • Bryson DeChambeau: Used it at the Franklin Templeton Shootout in December.  WATCH

See videos about Side Saddle Putting

Videos from Sports Illustrated

Where can I buy a Side Saddle Putter?

You can find a Side Saddle Putter from most major golf retailers.

Here are a couple of specialty manufacturers:

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