This is another fun performance enhancing game.

The goal of the game is to accumulate the most points by getting closer to the pin than your opponents on each hole.


Points can only be won making shots from a minimum 100 yards from the green.  This means you “qualify.”

Each player attempts to earn points as follows:
If a player gets on the green with a shot of more than 100 yards they earn 1 Point.

If a qualifying player’s ball is closer to the pin than their opponent’s on the same hole, they score an additional point.

The game continues for 18 holes, and the player or team with the highest total score wins.

This game emphasizes accuracy and strategy, as players need to choose the right club and shot to get their ball as close to the pin as possible. It’s a great way to practice and improve your approach shots while adding an element of competition to your golf game.

The Bet:

Either assign a dollar value to each point, or all donate a fixed amount to the pot and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins the pot.


  • Play team points.  Two person teams within a foursome, or multiple groups.
  • Add a point for One Putts.


I always wondered why closest to the pin is referred to as a KP.  Shouldn’t  be a CP?  I did some research and found only more confusion.  One author pointed out that the is no such thin as a “Pin” in golf.  The rule books refer only to a “Flag Stick.”  Another suggested that it meant “Keenest Position.”  Yet another said it was an uneducated club pro who posted a “klosest to the pin” contest and it stuck.  In some regions they call it a “Greenie”

The final conclusion, confirmed by Patty Moran of the USGA Library, who wrote in reply to an inquiry: “There is no reason. It is just a colloquialism.”