Another game from Dave Watros played by Shadow Wood members.

2+ is a fun multi-group game that rewards good play.  Teams of 2,3 or 4 compete in a net game where Birdies Rule with bonus points.

The goal is for the team to get as far under par as possible for their final score.

The team must record at least net 2 scores on each hole.  The bonus comes in if you get two net birdies.  Then any additional net birdies can be counted as well. So four net birdies would give the team (-4) on the hole.

All pars would record Even.  Bogies would result in +1, Double Bogie +2, etc.  If you have an average handicap group, it is best to limit the team score to +2 on any hole.


You can also play this as a +1 game where your team score is the single best score of the group and if that score is a birdie, you can add additional birdies to the score for that hole.