If you are looking for a little variety in your betting games, try incorporating multiple tee boxes.

The captain of the day can designate specific tees for specific holes in advance of the match.

But an even better option is to have tees to be played determined on your last hole score.

For example, everyone starts on hole #1 on the same tee box.  If you par the hole, stay on the same tees.  If you birdie, oh oh, move back a tee box.  If you bogie or worse, move up a tee box.  On the next hole, assume you had bogie and moved up a tee box.  If you par that hole, you move back to the regular tees.  If you birdie, you move back two sets of tees.  Keep this routine going throughout the round.

This added element can enhance any game while helping the fairness of the match by providing some respite for poor scores and more challenge after good scores.

This method of play does mess with accurate handicapping, but if you spread the tees out you can justifiably post your score as playing from the middle one.


Collaborating author Dave Watros