We’ve all been there, waiting on the tee box with two groups still on the same hole.  This happens frequently during charity scrambles.  We’ve told all the jokes we know and wore out any other stories, so what to do?

One reader has just the solution.  Ryan submitted this game that will keep your group entertained.

This is a great game to play on the tee box when play is slow. I learned this game while playing at Larchmont Golf Course in Missoula, MT with some friends I met who played high school golf in Montana.

Everyone grabs driver, starts somewhere on the tee box, and uses it as a putter to try and hit the tee markers. You get one hit at a time, but you get to keep going if you hit the marker or another player’s ball. You follow the same order otherwise after that. Once you’ve hit both tee markers your ball then becomes Poison. 

It’s called poison because your own ball becomes “Poison” after you hit all the tee markers.  Your goal then becomes hitting your opponent’s golf balls with your own to “Kill” them.

So the goal is to “finish” hitting the tees first so you can start killing your partners off early and win quicker.


I am sure you could put some money on this game too!

Submitted by Ryan Kirk, Missoula, Montana