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Group Tournament Pool – Game of 4s

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Creating golf tournament pools is a fun way to add intrigue to watching any professional major tournament.

Invite your buddies and pick a dollar amount to enter the tournament pool.  Decide if you will payout only to the winner, or 1st / 2nd / 3rd place.  (The more participants you have the more you might consider multiple payouts.)

To play The Game of Fours, have each participant pick 8 players from the tournament field to form their team:

  • 4 from the top 20 world golf rankings
  • 4 from the rest the field who are not in the top 20

At the conclusion of each day’s play record each participants best 4 scores from their team on that day.  Then they have an opportunity to tweak their team. After play ends each day participants can discard 4 players from their team of 8 and pick 4 new players. The new players must not be in the top 4 on the leaderboard that day.

When the tournament is over, add together each participants best 4 scores from each day for their final team score.

Note: If you end up without four players you use the worst score from the field that day.


Do pay-outs for the best score each day and double the amount for the final day.

Pick your top 4 from a previously agreed odds maker report.

Make the winner the one who ends up in a certain place rather than 1st.  Like the pot winner is the one who comes in 3rd for example.