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Rules we would change!

I really enjoyed an article shared by Golf Magazine about Rules regular golfers would most like changed.  What would you add to the list?

Here’s a reprint of the article in case you missed it:

The most unpopular opinions in golf, according to golf fans:

Opinions are like…well, you probably know how this phrase ends. And just like in real life, there are plenty of unpopular opinions when it comes to the game of golf — especially considering all the different rules that come along with the game.

While every golfer probably has their own side bets, competitions, gimmes, and/or relief to make the game a little bit less stressful during a round, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see any of these things adopted by a pro golf league like the PGA Tour.

But, hey, if you can’t get the rules to change, we might as well voice our unpopular opinions in a safe space like social media, right?

    1. “Players should get free relief from divots in the fairway.”
    2. “Music on the golf course is trash. Go have beers in a backyard or go to a concert if music is super important to you.”
    3. “The cart fee should be shared with your riding partner.”
    4. “All 4-man scrambles should be played in groups of 8 so that both teams keep each other honest.”
    5. “Public courses should raise their prices by $1 each round and use that money to hire competent Marshalls and cart attendants.”
    6. “Paying the same cart fee as a single or twosome.”
    7. “Groups of 8 or less should be allowed so long as they can keep the desired pace of said course. A fast 8 is sometimes better than a slow foursome.”
    8. “The cups need to be set .25 inches deeper to prevent bounce outs.”
    9. “If you’re taking a penalty drop, you should be allowed to place the ball. It gives everyone the same opportunity to create a preferred lie. If you’re penalized already and dropping, you shouldn’t be penalized again. This would also eliminate the issue of ‘re-dropping’ when your ball bounces closer to the hole. It speeds up play and eliminates cheating.”
    10. “It should be an automatic pick up once you reach double-bogey on a hole.”
    11. “Out of bounds should be determined by a fence, concrete, or another person’s property…not some white stakes placed strategically because the head pro wanted them there.”
    12. “PGA pros would shoot 4-6 shots worse if they didn’t have fans and ball-spotters running to their errant shots. And amateurs would shoot 8-12 shots better if they did.”
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