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Remembering Arnold

My favorite golfer of all time is Arnold Palmer.  I loved watching his high jinks at Peter Jacobson’s Challenge golf tournament years ago.  Arnold was famous for his commitment to the fans and always offering an autograph when asked.

I had heard that you could send Arnold items to be signed and he would mail them back signed.  This seemed like a stretch to me, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I packaged up two copies of my Great Games For Golf book with a fan note and a request that he keep one copy of my book and sign the other one and send it back to me in a posted paid envelope I included.

It was amazing to find my signed book in the mail only a few short weeks later.  What a thrill.

And I still fantasize that somewhere in his archives a copy of my book might be stored!

My favorite drink is still the Arnold Palmer.

We miss you, Arnold.

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