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June 2023 Newsletter Newsletter June 2023
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US Open Pool
This years US Open has been unique and fabulous to watch.
I participate in a pool where you pick 6 players and 2 alternates.  We play it for all the majors.
For the first time ever in this pool, 2/3 of the entries failed to meet the requirement of having six players left after the cut.
One of my alternates was Ricky Fowler, but dang it, all of my original picks made the cut so I cant use him.
If you would like some ideas to create your own golf tournament pool, visit GG4Golf to learn more….
Tournament Pools

Invest in a golfer on their way to the pros
I am proud to be considered a Founding Investor in Carry Golf Club, LLC!  The initial investment round has now closed.
Have you ever thought it would be fun to back a young golfer on their way to a pro career?
Carry Golf has made it possible to participate in such a plan with other investors for as little as $250.  And there are benefits for investors, such as product discounts and access to VIP events.  Check it out if you want to learn more.
Carry Golf

Found Ball Promotion
My webmaster helped me with some great ideas for a new way to promote
I created a unique ball to be dropped and found on golf courses around the world.  The print says; “If found report to WIN” Kind of like a message in a bottle.
Then there is a link on the website to report a found ball and win a prize.
I’m asking friends and family to leave a ball on courses they might travel to.  There are already some floating around locally, the Desert and Arizona. 

Poker Golf GameHow can it get any better than combining a favorite card game with a golf betting game!  There are two ways to make this happen.  One is to use your scores to build a poker hand, and the other is to earn actual playing cards in competition.  Both result in competitors trying to get the best poker hand a win the agreed upon pot. Visit GG4Golf to learn more!
Poker Golf
10 Secrets to a Successful Golf Tournament
I recently played in a golf tournament that was torture.  The organizers really didn’t know what they were doing.  It’s NOT that hard!
Several years ago, I was asked by a publication called “Event Solutions” to submit an article with suggestions for a successful golf tournament.  I think it would be worth reading if you’re helping organize a tournament any time soon!
Tournament Secrets

New Swag For GG4Golf
Thanks to my friends at ProActive Golf / Tempercraft for designing custom Flasks to promote my blog. Steve and his team were amazing to work with.And thanks to for cool custom logo golf balls.

Last but not least, for some awesome ball markers.

These will be used, along with other items, to thank people who submit their own side bet games to the blog.

Please send us your feedback, suggestions, requests or comments:
And most important – share your favorite golf betting game so we can achieve our goal of being the world’s best resource for golf side games.  The best games submitted are eligible to receive a variety of gifts.
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